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ARTSMACHINE media factory is a Hub dedicated to the exploration of new technologies and interdisciplinary Cultures between Art,Design,Science and Technology.The Research Laboratory (and this website was founded in 2004 with a collaboration between the Ecole du Louvre with Prof.Xavier Perrot and the Polytechnic of Milan with Dr.Gianluca Mura through meetings held in the cycle of ICHIM International Conferences with the Mura's Workshop with Prof.Xavier Perrot,with the Patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MAE Rome Farnesina,"Virtuality in Arts and Design:Virtual exhibition projects"(Ecole du Louvre,Biblioteque Nationale du France and Digital Culture&Heritage ICHIM05).
The research projects of the laboratory take place mainly in the disciplinary areas of Architecture,Art and Design concerning Computer Graphics,Virtual Realities,Cybernetics Interaction with New Media and Digital Cultures and Heritage.You can consult theResearch Projects of Artsmachine.The research leads into the theoretical definition of the Techne' of the MetaPlastic Arts (Ars Metaplastica) described in the ARTS & DESIGN VIRTUAL WORLDS sessions conducted by Prof.Gianluca Mura within the cycle of CYBERWORLDS international conferences from 2012 until today.You can see the Publications of ArtsMachine.The Metaplastic Art Machines are Abstract Virtual Environments that act in symbiosis with the inter-actor using the Metaplastic metalanguage developed in the research.The Metaplastic Constructor is the MetaModel of Metaplastic ArtMachines,deriving from the previous Xense model.Today ArtsMachine continues its research into the exploration of new media in the interdisciplinary scientific fields of Art and Design.Click here to subscribe our newsletter.Click here to keep in touch and collaborate with us.Thanks!

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G.Mura,Metaplasticity in Virtual worlds:Aesthetics and Semantic Concepts,
See Full References

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