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Dr.Gianluca Mura

Dr.(PhD)Gianluca Mura, Scientific Director of is a Transdisciplinary Researcher Polytechnic of Milan Univ., Designer, Programmer and Multimedia Artist.Experience +20 years Academic and Professional Works in Web, Design and Media Arts with Projects, University Courses and International Training and Publications. Member and Conference Chair of various International Scientific Communities such as AICA, CYBERWORLDS, IEEE, IFIP,MIMOS. Former Editor-In-Chief of IJACDT Journal of Art,Culture and Design Technologies. Digital Art Works "The Metaplastic Constructor" at the Museum of Modern Art,Toluca,Mexico at VAP4 Viareggio (Italy) and included in the Digital Collection Rhizome Artbase in New York.


# Type Title Event Publisher Country Year
1ResearchXMETAPL MetaCoding Theory,Methods,ApplicationsArtsMachine MedialabArtsMachine.orgItaly2023
2 ResearchMetaPlastic Art&Design Theory,Methods and ApplicationsArts&Design Virtual worldsArtsMachine.orgItaly2020
3 BookAnalyzing Art,Culture and Design in the Digital AgeArts&Design Virtual worldsIGI-GlobalUSA2015
4 PaperMetaplastic Techne':a Meta Cyberdiscipline
between Science-Art-Design
SC-NeoGeo-VRTerro 2015MIPT Russian Dept.
Physics Informatics
5 PaperARS METAPLASTICA:a Metadiscipline of Creativity
and Innovation between Science-Art-Design
Arts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2015Sweden2015
6 PaperMeta Techne':a metadiscipline
between science-art-design
Arts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2014Spain2014
7 PaperCyber MetaPlasticity.
Cybercosmos of MetaPlastic Cyberworlds
Arts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2013Japan2013
8 ArtworkThe MetaPlastic CyberCosmosArts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2012Japan2013
9 PaperThe MetaPlastic Art&Design ManifestoArts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2013Japan2013
10 ArticleThe Metaplastic Arts&Design InnovationsIJACDT Journal,n.1,vol.2IGI-GlobalUSA2012
11 PaperThe MetaPlastic Art Meta-CodingArts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2012Germany2012
12 ChapterMetaPlastic Cyber OpenCodeDigital Media and Technologies
for Virtual Artistic Space
13 PaperThe Advanced Open MetaPlastic
Platform for Cyber Art
SI LCNS Transactions
Computational Science
Springer ISSN:1866-4733
(print version)
(electronic version)
14 ChapterThe Multiplasticity of social media technologiesin New Media Communication Skills
for Engineers and IT Professionals:
Trans-National Trans-Cultural Demands
15 PaperThe Open MetaPlastic Platform for Cyber ArtArts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2011 BanffCanada2012
16 BookMetaplasticity in Virtual Worlds:Aesthetics and
Semantics Concepts
ISBN 978-1-60960-077-8IGI-GlobalUSA2011
17 ChapterMultiplasticity of new mediain Ghinea,G.Gulliver,S.R.Andres
Multiple Sensorial Media Advances &
Applications:New Developments in
MulSelMedia ISBN 978-1609608217
18 ChapterThe Metaplasticity of Virtual WorldsWeb StudiesEuropia pub.Paris2010
19 PaperCyberworld Cybernetic Art Model for
Shared Communications
Arts&Design Virtual WorldsCYBERWORLDS 2009UK2009
20 PaperThe meta-plastic cyberspace:a network of
semantic virtual worlds
21 ArtworkThe Metaplastic ConstructorCAC2 Computer Art CongressIJDST Journal (ISSN 1630-7267)Mexico2008
22 ArtworkThe MetaPlastic ConstructorModern Art Museum Toluca
ArtBase Digital Art Collection
Case Study citation from Digital Humanities
course at Stanford university
23 PaperThe Metaplastic Virtual WorldsIEEE pag.209-216,ISBN 0-7695-3005-2CW2007Germany2007
24 PaperThe Metaplastic virtual spacesVirtualSystem&Multimedia,pag.166-178
ISSN 0302-9743(Print)
25 ChapterThe Metaplastic virtual Spacesin Virtual Systems & Multimedia
ISBN 978-3-540-78566-1
26 PaperFuzzy synaesthetic model for virtual worldsVol.3,pag.172-177,ISBN 1-934272-10-8IIISCCT072007
27 PaperConceptual artwork model for virtual environmentsin JCIS Journal(ISSN1553-9105)
Vol.3,n.2, pg.461-465
28 PaperLa Semantica del Rojo y el Negro:Un lenguaje Fuzzyspanish translation by Prof.Bernardo Uribe MendozaUniv.ColombiaColombia2007
29 ResearchThe Red and Black semantics:a fuzzy language
in AIM@SHAPE Advanced and Innovative Models and
Tools for the Development of Semantic-based systems
for handling,acquiring,and Processing Knowledge
Embedded in Multidimensional Digital Objects
5th Framework EU ProgrammeAIM@SHAPE ConsortiumEU2007
30 PaperThe Red and Black semantics:a fuzzy languageIEEE,pg.183-190,ISBN 0-7695-2671-3CYBERWORLDS 2006SWITZERLAND2006
31 PaperThe Red and Black semantics:a fuzzy languagein The Visual Computer
Int.Journal of Computer Graphics
ISSN 0178-2789(print),ISSN 1432-2315(electronic)
Biblioteque Nationale du France,Paris
33 WorkshopVR WORKSHOP:VIRTUALITY IN ARTS AND DESIGNwith Prof.Xavier Perrot Ecole du Louvre
with High Patronage of the Italian Foreign Ministry
Archive&Museum InformaticsFrance2005
34 PaperDesigning imaginary spacesNicephore Days
Colloque Scientifique International
Chalon sur SaoneFrance2004
35 PaperXENSE:art space for virtual performanceDigital Culture and Heritage
Haus der Kulturen der Welt,Berlin
36 ArtworkXense online exhibitionin Diesel-new art contestDieselItaly2004
37 PaperWebmuseum learning experience methodologyCultural Institutions and DigitalTechnology
Ecole du Louvre,Paris
38 PaperMusaic:an authoring tool for information design systemI International meeting of
Science and Technology of Design
Sense and Sensibility in Technology
Linking Innovation through Design
39 PaperHEDA:a software for indoor air qualityHealthy Building Conference,HelsinkyIAQSweden2000
40 ResearchI rischi professionali per il lavoratore
del cantiere edile negli interventi
di recupero del patrimonio edilizio
Italian Labour Ministry ResearchMIURItaly2000
41 BookLa progettazione bioclimatica con il software DESAArchitecture,Bioclimatic DesignHOEPLI MilanoItaly1998
42 PaperDESA:a software to assess building performance
during planning
Healthy Building'97
Vol.3,p.97-102,Washington DC
43 PaperDESA:a software to assess building performance
during planning
2nd Teacher in Architecture Congress,FlorenceConf.proceedingsItaly1997

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